Pick Up and Carry is the fourth mission in WorldBuilder.

Available UnitsEdit

Unit Plans?
Buggysprite Yes
Dirtbuggysprite Yes
Ducksprite Yes


Goal Mission Goal: Anything

Grab the Dirtbuggy plans with the Buggy, then use the Buggy to pick up the Dirtbuggy pieces and place them near each other; the most optimal way to do this is to grab the Energy Brick and Wheel Bricks and place them in the same spot as the stack of Yellow Bricks. Afterwards, build a Dirtbuggy and drive it over to the goal.

Bonus GoalEdit

Goal bonus Bonus Goal: Duck

Pick up the plans for the Duck that are near the spot where the goal originally was. Drive the Dirtbuggy near the small body of water, and take it apart. Use the pieces to build a Duck, then move it to the goal.